Above Average Temperatures Across the Prairies. Timing Here:

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Calm Sky

The cold temperatures, and snow will clear out by Sunday in most areas of the Prairies.   

Starting Sunday, the temperatures will go above the average daytime high, and stay that way into next week.  The snow will also disappear Thursday Morning.   The sunshine, will also stick around into next week.   

However, because of the skies clearing early Thursday morning, the temperatures will be extremely cold.  This is especially the case in  Manitoba, where areas such as the city of Winnipeg, will experience a night time low of minus 25, with the wind chill seeing temperatures being reach as low as the low-mid minus 30's.   

There most likely will be extreme cold warnings because of the frigid early morning temperatures on Thursday.  So please stay tuned here for the latest on this situation.  

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