A Wet and Windy Wednesday Across Eastern Newfoundland

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Thursday, May 31, 2018
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An area of low pressure sent a torrent of heavy rain and strong wind through southern and eastern Newfoundland on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

The low caused several problems for travel and work.

Below is a summary of rainfall and wind gusts. 

  • St. John's Int'l Airport: 83.4 mm
  • St. John's West: 79.8 mm
  • Paradise: 69.9 mm
  • Gander Int'l Airport: 48.4 mm
  • Terra Nova National Park: 45.7 mm
  • Gander: 42.8 mm
  • Lethbridge: 42 mm

Wind Gusts:
  • Cape Race: 143 km/h
  • Burgeo: 106 km/h
  • St. Pierre: 100 km/h
  • Bonavista: 96 km/h
  • St. John's Int'l Airport: 94 km/h
  • Twillingate: 93 km/h
  • St. John's West: 87 km/h
  • Port aux Basques: 85 km/h
  • Pool's Island: 85 km/h
Based on EC Data

Also due to the damage caused by yesterday's weather conditions, Prince Philip Drive CNA campus  and Child Care Centre in St. John's will remain closed this morning, Thursday, May 31. Update at 11 a.m. 

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