A look at Nunavut

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Nunavut is huge, covering 1,877,787 km2 of land and 160,935 km2 of water in Northern Canada. 

Even though it only has a population of 31,906 it's area is the size of Western Europe.

Known for it's cold weather the climate in Nunavut is a polar climate in most regions, owing to its high latitude. Polar climate regions are characterized by a lack of warm summers. Every month in a polar climate has an average temperature of less than 10°C.

The highest point in Barbeau Peak towering at 2,616 m.  

The population density is 0.015 persons per square kilometer, one of the lowest in the world. 

Other Facts About Nunavut
-Nunavut became Canada's third territory on April 1 ,1999 . 
-It is the largest territory and has one-fifth of the land in Canada. 
-Nunavut is made up of a mainland and many islands in the Arctic Ocean. 
-Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island are two large islands. 
-There are about 26 settlements. 
-Nunavut's capital is Iqaluit. 
-"Nunavut" means "our land" in the Inuit language of Inuktitut.

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