A Day in the Life of a Weather Forecaster

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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I often get asked questions such as what goes in to making a forecast? What time do you wake up? What is your day like? Well I have decided to take you through an average day in the weather business.

First of all, I get up early… around 6 am (5:30 on stormy mornings).

6:15 am: Before anything else I check the current conditions along with any watches or warnings in effect.

6:20 am: Collect and analyze model information and make the forecast for the next 36 hours.

7:00 am: Make social media updates and post any important information such as school closures to the website. Check email. Depending on the day this can be very time consuming.

7:30 am: Eat breakfast, which does not include coffee!

7:50 am: Usually take precipitation measurements.

8:00 am: If conditions warrant, make a video. This is another time-consuming endeavor. I must make each slide that I plan to show. It involves a lot of map editing and analysis. I also must look at what information I want to provide and the clearest way to do so. After the slideshow is made I get dressed up, usually a necktie, and put on makeup… yes guys to it too. Then I hit record, there is no script it is all ad lib. After the clips are made I edit into one video and publish.

8:30 am: Write news stories. This typically takes 2 hours.

1:00 pm: Prepare maps and forecasts for the evening and next day.

3:00 pm: Typically, that’s all for the day. Of course, the weather has a habit of getting severe quite a bit, so I’m always watching for new developments.

This schedule… like the weather is subject to change and days are much longer when there is severe weather.

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