A Building So Big It Has Its Own Weather

Posted by on Thursday, February 2, 2017
Boeing Everett Plant.jpg

In Everett, Washington there sits a massive building measuring 13 million cubic metres. It is nearly twice as big as the second largest building, the Target Import Warehouse in Lacey, Washington and over 3.5 times bigger than the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center.

It is the Boeing Everett Factory.

On a normal day there are 30,000 people at work, dozens of cafes, a water treatment plant, a day care, a credit union, and more.

The factory has over 1,000,000 light bulbs.

3.75 kilometres of pedestrian tunnels under the factory and over 1,300 bicycles.

The factory is so massive that when it was first build, there were actually clouds visible near the ceiling. This was caused by warm, moist air.

As a result Boeing has an air circulation system that keeps the indoor rain-clouds away.

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