9th Tornado of the Season in Ontario

Posted by on Monday, September 12, 2016

Environment Canada has confirmed the 9th tornado of the season in Ontario.

A thunderstorm on Saturday evening produced a tornado. The tornado began as a waterspout over Lake Ontario and then came ashore at the Hideaway Trailer Park near Bloomfield in Prince Edward County.

Environment Canada says that the tornado was on the ground for approximately 3.5 kilometres. It has been rated as an Enhanced Fujita Scale 0 (EF-0), with maximum wind speeds estimated at 100 kilometres per hour and a damage path between 50 and 100 metres in width. 

In Wellington and Bloomfield the same thunderstorm caused damage to trees and roofs.

This damage has been attributed to downburst winds also rated as EF-0, with maximum wind speeds estimated at 90 kilometres per hour.

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