3 Possible Scenarios With Jose

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Thursday, September 14, 2017
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While Jose shows some signs of gradual weakening over the next few hours there is the possibility that the storm will re-intensify into a category one hurricane by the weekend.

Even though the storm is showing some signs of weakening it should not be disregarded.

There is a possibility that Jose will track toward the north over the next several days.

As it does so it looks like it will pass between the US East Coast and Bermuda.

Long term models indicate that Jose does have the potential of having an impact on Atlantic Canada.

The storm may pass well south of the Grand Banks or impact the Grand Banks by the middle of next week.

Models are also showing the storm taking a westward track and making a landfall in North Carolina, while some other models bring the storm out to sea posing no threat to land.

As time goes on, confidence model scenarios is not high. It is important that those along the US East Coast and Atlantic Canada Monitor any developments with Jose.

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