3 Maps that Explain Newfoundland's Next Storm

Posted by on Sunday, April 16, 2017

An area of low pressure will deliver an assault on Newfoundland tonight, Monday, and lingering into Tuesday.

The system will bring a wintry mix of precipitation to the province.

Precipitation will begin in the form of snow across western parts of Newfoundland on Sunday morning.
The south coast and the Avalon will see rain as the dominant form of precipitation.

It is worth noting that all of this snow will not stick on the ground, the amount that sticks may vary from the amounts forecast.

Precipitation Forecast Sunday to Tuesday




Freezing Rain

Wind Gusts

St. John’s

1 cm

10-15 mm

0 mm

80 km/h


1 cm

15-20 mm

0 mm

60 km/h


10-15 cm

5-10 mm

5 mm

50 km/h

Corner Brook

10-20 cm

2 mm

0 mm

50 km/h

Port aux Basques

2 cm

15 mm

0 mm

40 km/h

St. Anthony

2-5 cm

0 mm

0 mm

50 km/h

A slight shift in the track could significantly alter the outcome of the storm.

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