3 Changes to National Hurricane Center Products

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Saturday, April 21, 2018
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For the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season the National Hurricane Center will be making some changes.

1) The NHC Public Advisory will now discuss forecast information beyond 48 hours.
The NHC Public Advisory is a text product that contains a list of all current coastal watches and warnings and gives pertinent storm information, including general forecast and hazard (storm surge, wind, rainfall, tornadoes, surf) information. The forecast information contained within the advisory will now include information beyond 48 hours. Previously, these advisories were limited to a discussion of a tropical cyclone’s track and intensity forecast through 48 hours. This change will allow public advisories to discuss the track and intensity forecast routinely through 72 hours, and allow the flexibility to discuss the forecast through 5 days when conditions warrant.

2) The format of Weather Prediction Center (WPC) Public Advisories on inland tropical depressions will now mirror the format of NHC Public Advisories.
WPC Public Advisories provide users with meteorological information on decaying tropical or subtropical systems that have moved inland over the conterminous U.S. and have the potential to produce heavy rainfall and flash flooding. WPC will issue Public Advisories on these inland systems when winds drop below tropical storm strength and the system is not forecast to regain tropical storm intensity or re-emerge over water. The format for WPC Public Advisories on these systems will now mirror the format of the NHC Public Advisories and will contain the same sections (Summary, Watches and Warnings, Discussion and Outlook, Hazards, and Next Advisory). WPC Public Advisories will also contain forecast positions for these systems. 

3) NHC will begin issuing 48-hour hurricane-force (64-kt) wind radii forecasts.
NHC will begin issuing hurricane-force (64-knot) wind radii forecasts at the 48-hour forecast time. These wind radii will be provided in the Tropical Cyclone Forecast/Advisory Message (TCM). Previously, the NHC provided hurricane-force wind radii forecasts out to 36 hours. The NHC Forecast/Advisory will now include a forecast of tropical-storm-force (34-knot) and 58-mph (50-knot) wind radii out to 72 hours and hurricane-force (64-knot) wind radii out to 48 hours.

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