2012 Christmas Day Tornado Outbreak

Posted by on Sunday, December 25, 2016
Extratropical System 26 Dec 2012 1915z.png

Near the end of 2012, a massive storm complex developed that produced both a tornado outbreak and a blizzard across the southern and eastern United States.

On Christmas Day 2012, a tornado outbreak occurred across Southern United States. This severe weather/tornado event affected the United States Gulf Coast and southern East Coast over a two-day span.

The system responsible formed on December 17 and dissipated on December 31.

In totals 63 tornadoes were reported, 31 of which were confirmed. The maximum rating was an EF3 tornado.

Damage was near $150 million. 16 people lost their lives, at least 24 were injured.

On December 24, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issued a moderate risk for severe storms, valid for the following day. The moderate risk covered an area stretching from west-central Louisiana to west-central Alabama and was expanded south and west on December 25 to include cities such as Port Arthur, New Orleans, and Mobile.

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