1961 Newfoundland Wildfires

Posted by on Thursday, June 23, 2016
A line of trees completely engulfed in flames. Towers with instrumentation are seen just beyond the fire's reach.

Newfoundland experienced a particularly hot and dry Summer in 1961. The hot and dry weather sparked many forest fires across the Province.

In total 265 000 hectares were consumed by flames. Winds only made it worse.

The worst hit area was Bonavista North to Fogo. 36 homes were destroyed.

Troops from The Royal Canadian Army were called in to help battle the blazes.

Another bad fire happened 60 kilometers south of Clarenville near Dunn's River. Clarenville was right in the line of the fire. A train was waiting at the station to help evacuate the town. It was already full and just waiting for the order to go.

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