"Black Friday" 31 Years Later

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Monday, July 30, 2018
White and Yellow Cloudy Sky over Farm Lands

On Friday July 31st 1987, an F-4 Tornado barrelled through the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas causing 330 million dollars (623 million in 2016 dollars).   27 people lost their lives, over 600 people were injured, and more than 1,700 were left homeless.  This day also caused 7 more Tornadoes in the surrounding areas, to the south, east, and west of the city.  This tragic event was dubbed "Black Friday" due to the multiple witness accounts saying the sky was pitch black.  This is until today, the second deadliest Tornado in Canada's History. 

Although this tragic event took the lives of many, and emotionally, physically, and financially, scared many more residents, the government of Alberta took this tragedy and pledged to make better warning times, and as a result save others from future tragic events.  They kept their promise, and a couple of years later they created what is today called the Alberta Emergency Alert System.   This was created to better warn people of dangerous situations throughout the province.  This has increased the warning times for dangerous storm alerts, and even alerted residents of amber alerts. 

Black Friday will always be remembered for the lives lost, and so many others that will have lasting negative effects do to this powerful, and tragic storm.  

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