Tornado Destruction in Iowa on Thursday

July 21, 2018
Photo Of House And Lightning Storm

Iowa was hit by 27 Tornadoes on Thursday, 17 people were injured, and thankfully no deaths.  The biggest Tornado hit in Marshalltown Iowa, that has about 27,000 residents.   The tornado ripped through the town, destroying a over 125 year old courthouse.   Residents say that they were surprised by the Tornado, despite multiple warnings earlier in the day regarding potential severe Storms in the area.  These warnings were issued by the National Weather Service.  

This Tornado clocked in wind speeds at around 140mph (225kmh)winds, making it categorized in the F-3 range.  This year in the United States, it has seen one of the lowest number of Tornadoes, as well as one of the lowest number of deaths related to these storms.   

The SE States are expected to see Severe Thunderstorms with a Tornadic risk, on Saturday.  

Sunshine Continues in British Columbia This Week

July 21, 2018
Balancing Rock Formation

The sun just keeps shining in British Columbia, and it will stay that way this week.  With temperatures above normal last week and the same this week, residents of BC will for sure be hoping for some rain to cool the area down.  This is especially the case in interior BC, where the forest fires are raging.  Unfortunately, there is not any rain in the forecast for most parts of this province, specifically in the areas that need it most.   

There will be a chance for rain in the interior such as...
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Hot Weekend Ahead for Newfoundland

July 20, 2018
stock photo
The heat is making a return to parts of Newfoundland.

High's away from the coast today will soar into the upper twenties with humidex values in the low thirties. On Saturday many areas will get up into the low thirties with humidex values in the mid to high thirties.

On Sunday we will see a small reprieve from the heat. There will be some showers and moderate  wind, temperatures will still rise into the high twenties. Humidex values will once again be above thirty.

There are heat warnings in eff...

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Climate Change Could Impact Your Internet

July 20, 2018
stock photo
Browsing the internet may become more difficult as sea level rises.

A new study shows that thousands of kilometers of Internet infrastructure could be flooded in as little as 15 years along the coast of the United States.

Internet infrastructure in the area will need to be rebuilt, as very little of the present day infrastructure was not built to function underwater.

The best protection is building seawalls to protect the infrastructure.

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6.0 Earthquake Strikes off Alaskan Coast

July 19, 2018
A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck 82.7 km south-southwest of Unga, Alaska on Thursday morning at 3:16 am local time.

It struck at a depth of 17 kilometers.

No tsunami warning was issued.

The earthquake was not as strong as the 7.9 earthquake that struck the region back in January, triggering tsunami alerts for the U.S. West Coast and Canada.

The area is of course very seismicity active.

The region has not experienced a large (M>8.0) earthquake in the past century according to the USGS.

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Heavy Rain Across Burin and Southern Avalon

July 19, 2018
dew, glass, rain

Another bout of heavy rain expected across the Burin Peninsula and Southern Avalon today.

The heaviest rain is expected across the Burin and toward the Harbour Breton area.

Rainfall amounts of 40 to 50 mm is possible.

There is also a risk of thunderstorms which could enhance rainfall totals.

Rain will taper to showers over the Burin by afternoon and across the Avalon Peninsula tonight.

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Heavy Rain Across Central BC & West-Central Alberta

July 19, 2018
Selective Focus Photo Of Tree Branch

Heavy rain will have an impact on plans across central BC today, and in west-central Alberta from Thursday to Sunday.

A slow moving area of low pressure will cause rainfall amounts of 40 to 80 mm over the next few days.

Some areas may see localized amounts of 100 mm.

The heaviest rain could fall over the foothills and eastern slopes of the central and northern Rocky Mountains.

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23 Injured as Lava Fell from Sky and Landed on Boat

July 19, 2018

23 people were injured after lava fell from the sky and landed on a tour boat.

The boat was operated by Shane Turpin’s Lava Ocean Tours. After the incident the boat safely returned to the Wailoa Harbor in Hilo, Hawaii.

Crew members are making repairs.

Passengers and eyewitnesses describe the ordeal as terrifying. “You could see it almost at the same time you heard it. There was another plume of smoke in a significantly closer area and as the boom happened, you could see the rock and the lava...

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Heat Records Broken in Labrador

July 18, 2018
Sunrise Under Cloudy Sky Illustration
There has been a lot of heat across Newfoundland and Labrador.

On Tuesday a few places in Labrador beat their daily maximum temperature records.

New record of 31.0 
Old record of 29.7 set in 2016 
Records in this area have been kept since 1934 

Happy Valley-Goose Bay 
New record of 33.5 
Old record of 30.6 set in 2011 
Records in this area have been kept since 1941 

Mary's Harbour 
New record of 31.4 
Old record of 30.0 set in 1999 
Records in this area have been kept since 1956 

Based on EC Da...

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Heat Records Broken in British Columbia

July 18, 2018
blue, bright, clouds

Tuesday was another hot day across southern British Columbia.

A couple of areas reported a new record high maximum temperatures. 
New record 36.9 
Old record 36.7 set in 2004 
Records kept since 1900 
Yoho Park 
New record 30.2 
Old record 29.5 set in 2004 
Records kept since 1923 
Based on EC Data

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