Snow, Snow, and more Snow for Ontario and Quebec

November 18, 2018
Snow Covered Ground

Yes, the snow will keep on coming for southern Ontario, and Quebec.   The flurries and below average temperatures will continue until Thursday.  

The Sunshine will come out on Thursday, however it will take until Friday, and in some regions not until the Weekend to see the low single digit temperatures to return.   

The accumulation of snow will not be much, but it will still require the care on the road when driving.   

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Sunshine in Alberta this week!

November 18, 2018
White Clouds on Sky

Yes, once we can get past Sunday's mixed precipitation, and below average temperatures, there will be....sunshine, and lots of it!   

Not only will the skies clear out starting on Monday in Alberta, but the temperatures will hit the high single digits, and in some southern parts of the Province such as the City of Calgary among others, the temperature could even hit the low teens.  

This is way above normal, in terms of the temperature and sunshine for Alberta, where right now on average most r...
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Rain on the way the British Columbia. Timing Here:

November 18, 2018
Road Between Pine Trees

The sun is shining on the west coast right now, with just above average temperatures.   However, enjoy it while it lasts because the rain is coming.   

Starting Wednesday of this week, the rain will come to the coastal and southern part of British Columbia, and stick around for at least until the weekend.   

The Story in Central and Northern British Columbia, is a bit of a different one.   There the rain starting on Wednesday, will turn into snow, and leave this region with temperatures that ar...
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Warmer Weather Coming to the Yukon

November 18, 2018
Blue Skies

In the province of the Yukon, the temperatures will rise to just above 0 degrees, starting Monday.   

This is above average for this time of year in the province.  To go along with the warmer weather, there will also be sunshine starting Tuesday.   

The sunshine and warmer temperatures will disappear by Wednesday Morning.  Here, the snow and average temperatures will return, with the temperatures even dipping as cold as the low minus teens.  

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Solar Storm Solves Decades Old Mystery

November 16, 2018
Image result for solar storm

A recent study determined that a solar storm 46 years ago was the cause of an unusual occurrence off the coast of Vietnam.

Mines located underwater that mysteriously detonated in 1972 seemingly without cause. The denotation is now linked to solar flare that happened at the same time.

When the solar flare reached Earth's magnetosphere, it disrupted the mines setting them off.

Solar storms are still issues today. A large solar storm could disrupt communication, satellites, and navigation.

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Maritime's Clean Up After Active Friday

November 16, 2018

RCMP in New Brunswick were warning motorists of dangerous driving conditions across the province on Friday as the the region was hammered with snow. Roads were snow-covered in many areas.

It wasn't only New Brunswick, parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island also picked up snow causing travel problems.

Strong winds also caused problems.

When the low was finished with the Maritime Provinces, it moved to Newfoundland and Labrador bringing more snow and rain to parts of the province causing mo...

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Another Blast of Winter to Strike Atlantic Canada

November 16, 2018

Just as Atlantic Canada clears up from one mess, another is on the way.

A strong are of low pressure that brought snow, rain, and mixed precipitation to the U.S. Northeast on Thursday, will deliver a similar blow to Atlantic Canada.

Snow will begin on Friday morning across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, snow will become mixed with ice pellets and then change to rain in the afternoon. 15 to 20 cm is expected over northern sections of the province.

New Brunswick will most likely rem...

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Pair of Earthquakes off Coast of South America

November 16, 2018

There were two moderate earthquakes on Thursday, one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific. 

The first, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the South Sandwich Islands region.

It happened at 6:02 pm local time and was at a depth of 10 km.

It was centered 2398.6 km south-southwest of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Saint Helena.

Then a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the southern East Pacific Rise area.

It was at 3:09 pm local time. It was also at a depth of 10 km.

Centered 3218.2 km west-northwest of Puerto...

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U.S. Winter Storm Claims 8 Lives

November 16, 2018
Bridge Near Light Post With Snow and Building at Distance

A winter storm pushing across the eastern United States has claimed eight lives.

In the Northeast, the Thursday morning commute saw drivers at a standstill.

The eight people that died all lost their lives in accidents.

The storm, bring ice and snow also knocked out power to about 400,000 customers.

Across the United States over 2,000 flights were canceled. The hardest hit airports are in the Northeast.

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Bulk Carrier in Distress of Coast of NL

November 16, 2018

The Sir Wilfred Grenfell Coast Guard ship has departed St. John's after the Centennial Harmony, a Panamanian bulk carrier, sent out a distress call.

The ship  has lost power and is taking on water 60 miles east-southeast of the Terra Nova FPSO with 21 crew on-board.

As of the last update the crew were in the process of abandoning to life rafts, a conflicting report stated that the crew had regained control of the situation.

There is no confirmation of any injuries.

At some point tonight the Sir W...

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